About Us

Where supply meets
innovation . . .

Simplifying ingredient management to maximize your performance is our focus at Produce Processors. We bring innovation to your supply needs providing quality farm direct ingredients from the heartland of America. Ingredients your customers will be proud to feed their pets including blueberry, cranberry, carrot, green bean, sweet potato and potato. We pride ourselves on being the team that gets it done when others can’t by providing superior customer service, logistics and convenient premixes. Combined, we are your one stop shop for out of the box solutions.

Our ideas become
your solutions . . .

Our creative ideas produce your cost-savings. We source hard-to-find micro-ingredients as well as provide answers to unique production complications. Looking for certified organic or conventional ingredients? We have you covered. We ship direct, providing complete traceability for your load. We have a vast network of food, pet food, and feed companies. Our knowledge and experience keep you up-to-date with changes and pricing in the complex marketplace.

Our Low Heat Process

Produce Processors, LLC employs two different dehydration techniques at our Plover, WI plant to provide you with ingredients that will surpass your expectations. Along with our custom grinding and blending options available, we can reduce your overhead by providing you with exactly what you have been looking for to produce a high-quality product.

Our natural fruits and vegetables are manufactured through a low temperature drying process. This process allows us to ensure the value-added benefits of the ingredients. When ingredients are sufficiently dehydrated, we reduce the water activity available to microorganisms to stop their growth and our ingredients become shelf stable. Dehydrated ingredients are healthier than highly processed pet food ingredients as dehydration has minimal effect on the nutritional value. Our dehydrated powders and fibers can offer a more effective energy boost. The benefits of a lower temperature dehydration include preservation of nutrients, enhancing flavor, optimal color, and reducing the weight and volume to assist you in your manufacturing formulations. We reduce the need for excessive packaging, therefore aiding in long lasting sustainability efforts. The end result is dehydrated ingredients that are shelf stable, packed full of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are essential to your pet’s overall health.